Traditional espresso machines are robust beasts which, when looked after regularly, need just an annual short service. We offer two levels of servicing.

Short Service

This is usually carried out every 9-12 months, on-site, during a quiet time of the day and taking around 1 hour. It involves the following:

  • Group head seals and shower plates are replaced. Groups are backflushed with cleaner and descaler.
  • Steam and Hot Water valves are checked for ease of operation.
  • Pump and Steam pressures are checked/adjusted as necessary.
  • Internal inspection of system for leaks, electrical integrity, etc.
  • Recalibration of push-button panels, as required.
  • Fine-tuning of grinder/dozer, as required.

Major Service

After 4-5 years use, your trusty espresso machine will start to become tired and sluggish, with some components wearing out, becoming noisy or leaky. Your machine now needs a Major Service:

  • We take it away to our workshop and leave you with a loan machine.
  • It is dismantled completely, then the boiler and all related pipework are cleaned in an acid bath.
  • Valves are overhauled or renewed as necessary.
  • It's then completely rebuilt, using new gaskets, seals, solenoid valves, etc.
  • Then it's bench run and tested for 24 hours, PAT tested, before being returned to you about a week later.

Charges for a Short Service or Major Service vary according to the number of groups on your machine; just ask when you first contact us.

Jura Bean-to-Cup Systems are serviced according to the number of cuppas brewed over a year (just like car servicing schedules). The servicing schedules alternate between "Small Service" and "Large Service", when different parts are replaced according to the service needed; as well as cleaning & descaling, internal system inspection and PAT testing. Servicing is normally carried out in our workshop in a day, and we can leave you with a loan machine. Service charges vary according to machine model (X90, X7, X9, X5) and which service is due - just ask us.